The Handbook will not continue, but the store remains operational for the foreseeable future. More info here.

An Update on The Store

Hey all,

We recently made the difficult announcement that the Scouted Football Handbook will not continue. 

This means Scouted Football will no longer employ any staff. Although the store will remain open and operational for the foreseeable future, please be patient with us as we work to fulfil orders. We'll be shipping once a fortnight, on Thursdays. Our Support email may be a little slower with replies than usual, too. 

We've also switched shipping providers for our customers in Europe. We'll now be using a DHL courier service, which will be more reliable (but also more expensive, so rates have gone up across the store). Shipping to the continent has been difficult since the UK made the dismal decision to exit the EU, and a direct courier service will be much faster and more reliable. 

Thanks so much for your support over the past few years. It's made this quite the adventure. 


The SF Team