The Scouted Football Handbook: Annual Subscription

The Scouted Football Handbook: Annual Subscription

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A one-year subscription to the Scouted Football Handbook. Subscribers get it first.


Get four Volumes of the most comprehensively detailed analysis of young players delivered as soon as each one drops later this year. Volumes are released in February, May, September and December. What you get with a subscription:

  • Guaranteed copy of new editions
  • 10% discount and priority delivery
  • Full access to our digital archives
  • Exclusive accessories and extras

You can choose which issue to begin your subscription with, and you'll receive three proceeding issues as and when they're released. Don't forget to check out our run of back issues and bundles too, available for immediate delivery.

Not sold yet? Take a look inside.

(Please note the 10% discount refers to 4 books for £36. International shipping will be additionally charged)


Strictly limited quantities. Packages contain exclusive Scouted Football stickers.

Worldwide shipping. Shipping is free to the UK, £9 for four issues to Europe, £24 to the United States  or £14 to the rest of the world. Subscriber shipping dates for each issue will be announced via our social media platforms. Please allow a week for shipping to the UK, two for Europe and three for Rest of World orders. If nothing has arrived after the recommended period, please reach out to

Product photos by Richard Oxford